Top Free Resources for Reducing Food Waste at Your Facility

By Provision Coalition

Everyone's talking about food waste. It's probably on your radar but you might be a little unsure of how to get started.  We’ve rounded up the best free resources available to food processors and manufacturers for tackling food waste at your facility.

1. Why & How to Measure Food Loss + Waste – A Practical Guide

Developed by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) this practical guide and technical report  helps companies understand how to measure food loss and waste across the food supply chain. It provides easy-to-use measurement guidelines for every segment of the food value chain, from primary production, to manufacturing, to the food service industry.

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2. The Avoidable Crisis of Food Waste: The Roadmap

Second Harvest and Value Chain Management International consulted with over 700 food industry experts to identify the root causes of food loss + waste and with this data developed a framework for measurement. The research was groundbreaking in Canada and around the world and the roadmap provides many practical tips for food waste reduction.

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3. Food Waste Prevention Toolkit

Developed by Provision Coalition and Enviro-Stewards, The Food Loss + Waste Toolkit is an award-winning online tool that provides a step-by-step calculator for determining the economic, social and environmental cost of FLW as it moves through processing and manufacturing. This food waste prevention tool is free to Canadian food processors and manufacturers.

For access to the toolkit you must register in Provision's Sustainability Management System (free).

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4. FLW Protocol

The FLW Protocol has developed the Food Loss + Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard that enables companies to quantify and report on food loss + waste utilizing a globally recognized standard for measurement and reporting. The FLW Protocol website includes dozens of free resources including training videos on FLW quantification methods, case studies and best practices.

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5. Food Loss and Waste Solutions: Innovative Technologies and Best Practices

Recognizing that existing literature discussed the food waste problem and the significance surrounding it, but was limited when it came to discussing the solutions to these problems, Provision conducted its own research and develop a whitepaper focused on technologies and best practices.

The food loss and waste solutions and best practices are split into three parts: solutions in food waste reduction, solutions in food waste diversion, and solutions in food waste composting.

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