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60 years ago, the Mucci family arrived from Italy and began what is now a thriving greenhouse fruit and vegetable business in Ontario. Today, Mucci Farms grows produce in over 200 acres of greenhouse facilities, and markets on behalf of 700 across North America.

This family-owned company is committed to its original values of growing safe, nutritious and flavourful varieties of greenhouse fruits and vegetables for healthy eating.

The company is also committed to reducing its environmental footprint and has achieved a long list of sustainability checkmarks including the use of integrated pest management, a water recycling program, and a commitment to reducing travel miles. To further drive environmental performance and a well balanced approach to sustainability, Mucci Farms partnered with Provision Coalition to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for their business.

Coaching & Provision’s Sustainability Management System

Together with the Provision Coalition team, Mucci Farms’ leadership engaged in a strategic planning process that started with crafting the purpose and vision of the company. This was followed by the development of Strategic Pillars that represent the elements critical to the company’s success and assist in providing a clear focus.

With the Strategic Pillars in place, Mucci Farms with the support of Provision, developed a set of key performance indicators to measure progress under each pillar. Mucci Farms leadership already knew that reducing water consumption and diverting waste were top priorities, but the process led by Provision provided a framework for a more comprehensive approach to addressing significant sustainability impacts. Mucci Farms is now better positioned to systematically drive sustainability and overall organizational performance today and into the future.

"New products like Veggies To Go for kids and Smuccies Sweet Strawberries are so exciting for us. Our goal is to emphasize healthy eating for kids, accommodating rising trends in the snack foods category while reducing our environmental footprint. " - Mike Lepera, Health and Food Safety Manager, Mucci Farm

With Mucci Farms’ 16 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) established, the team utilized Provision’s Sustainability Management System (SMS) to initiate a process of collecting data and developing baselines. This was followed by the development of goals to improve each KPI relative to the baseline. With goals in place, Provision supported Mucci Farms in identifying the various systems, projects and initiatives required to achieve their goals.

Tools within the SMS are assisting Mucci Farms with the implementation of these initiatives leading to reductions in water and energy consumption, prevention of food loss + waste, increased employee engagement, improved operational efficiencies, development of innovating new products and a more strategic approach to philanthropic giving.

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