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By Provision Coalition

Ice River Springs Water Co. is a Canadian company with a true passion for sustainability—they are the only beverage business in North America with a closed loop recycling facility that produces 100% recycled content bottles.

Provision brought the management team of Ice River Springs together to create a purposeful business strategy that aligned the values of the organization. In doing so, Ice River Springs achieved the following results:

  • Identified $30,000 monthly net gains from zero-waste-to-landfill initiatives ($258,000/year)
  • Retained seasonal workers to reduce turnover costs by 1/3 per employee on average
  • Improved employee productivity and satisfaction


"We have done strategy work many times, but this is the first time something beneficial has
come from it."
-Jamie Gott CEO, Ice River Springs


The Challenge

Since its founding in 1995, Ice River has grown to employ over 600 people in North America and while the growth story has been exceptional, maintaining alignment across multiple facilities was proving to be difficult. Departmental silo’s and a lack of a communication and transparency meant employees were withholding information that could impact the business, and multiple projects were taking place at once, hindering project success. In addition, a competitive job market meant high turnover rates were driving up labour costs.


The Solution

Provision brought the management team together to create a purposeful business strategy that aligned the values of the organization. In doing so, employees could easily connect its continuous improvement initiatives back to its core purpose helping to build alignment across the organization. Strategic goals and KPI’s were put in place to help drive decision making and increase productivity by focusing on core business goals. New operating procedures were developed to improve communication, transparency, employee satisfaction and ultimately, reduce operating costs.


The Result

With the implementation of new measurement procedures to support zero-waste-to-landfill initiatives, $30,000 in net monthly gains was realized. The waste measurement was able to demonstrate impact to the employees, which in turn created enthusiastic buy-in and is driving continuous results.

A policy to retain seasonal workers during the off-seasons was put in place reducing overall labour costs (even with lower than normal productivity during the off- season) and new employee engagement programs such as Work Perks and Kudos were implemented with these savings to further improve employee satisfaction.




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