Fiasco Gelato- Food Loss + Waste

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Provision’s partner, Enviro-Stewards, conducted an on-site waste assessment utilizing Provision’s award-winning Food Loss + Waste Toolkit, based on Enviro-Stewards’ approach, they quantified three opportunities for food waste prevention.

By implementing the recommendations, Fiasco Gelato has the potential to realize the following annual savings:



Food Loss + Waste Reduction Opportunities

Opportunity 1 | $99,096 Savings of Gelato

Recover Gelato from Piping Using Pigging System

A pigging system was put in place to push product through the piping using a pig and compressed air or water. The captured product can be packaged and sold and the new system reduces water and chemical use in the sanitation process.

Opportunity 2 | $12,725 Savings of Milk

Recover Milk from Transfer Lines with Pigging System

A pigging system would use compressed air or water to recover the milk that is left over in the piping, so that it can be used in the blending process for base.

Opportunity 3 | $6,480 Savings of Gelato

Empty Bottom of Holding Tanks at Shift End

Ensure each operator is trained to completely empty the holding tank at the end of production. A laminated poster can remind operators of the process and/ or the value of each liter ($11) of gelato.


Canada’s Food Waste Problem

In Canada, 43% of avoidable food waste occurs in processing and manufacturing, presenting enormous opportunity for manufacturers to take action to positively impact the environment—and their bottom line. Avoidable waste costs approximately $49.5 billion each year, reduces the supply of food available to eat and contributes to climate change through methane emissions in landfill.


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