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EarthFresh approached Provision Coalition to integrate sustainability into their company’s business strategy.

A true innovator, EarthFresh is bringing new potato products to market like Carisma – a potato with only 15 grams of carbohydrates, or half that of a regular potato per serving – that results in a lower glycemic response when consumed, which may allow people that have diabetes to eat potatoes again.

It was clear at the onset that the people at EarthFresh are at the heart of this company’s success. EarthFresh deeply values their employees and wanted to implement a business strategy that created a culture of employee engagement, reward and payback.


The Strategic Process & Developing a KPI Dashboard

With the framework provided by Provision Coalition’s mentoring and coaching program, EarthFresh was successfully positioned to accelerate their sustainability performance. Expert in-person guidance was made available to EarthFresh as they navigated and utilized Provision’s award-winning on-line Sustainability Management System (SMS). The SMS is home to a unique set of Canadian-made tools and resources developed to aid food and beverage manufacturers in reducing operational costs, improving performance and developing a business strategy that is sustainable. Integrating sustainability into a company’s business strategy takes commitment. The EarthFresh team worked with Provision Coalition on first identifying a new purpose and vision.


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Four strategic pillars were then identified for the strategy – customers, products, people and operational excellence. In July 2016, EarthFresh launched the KPI Dashboard with corporate objectives and goals highlighted. The dashboard established the baseline, targets and lead employee for each of the key performance indicators. From there, the systems and programs were established to execute the strategy


“EarthFresh is an excellent example of how a small company can engage their team in the process, planning and communications of integrating sustainability into operations and business decision making. Our experience to date has been a rewarding one and is the start to a longterm company commitment to sustainability." - Tom Hughes, President & CEO, EarthFresh Foods


Measuring Success 

With the KPI Dashboard, EarthFresh Foods is even more in tune with their business. The dashboard monitors and tracks progress of the company’s goals rewarding positive change. A number of successes and milestones have already been met at EarthFresh.


  • Marketing and communications have been enhanced to ensure transparency with consumers and customers on how products are made and where they come from.
  • A new human resource professional was recruited to develop employee engagement programs.
  • Employees further engaged through a new internal communications committee, employee survey and company events connecting corporate and production staff.
  • A powerful team culture that is committed and accountable to the company’s business strategy was developed.


  • KPI Dashboard utilized by EarthFresh leadership to celebrate ‘wins’ and flag challenges.
  • An innovation program developed which led to the release of the Carisma potato – a low glycemic potato that responds to the health needs of diabetic consumers.
  • 30% increase in the production of standard product volumes and 10% decrease in labour costs on product packaging due to new RPC palletizing.


  • Measured and recorded a 10% reduction in water usage within the facility per pound of product produced.
  • A grower sustainability pilot program implemented on one farm and an evaluation of the pilot arranged for the end of the 2017 growing season.
  • A customized local growing program developed for exclusive varieties that will lead to higher production volumes, reduced carbon footprint, lower input costs and fewer resources required to grow the product.


EarthFresh’s Strategic Narrative

EarthFresh is led by a team of extraordinary people committed to fresh produce as a way of life. The team searches the globe for innovative varieties that are grown, stored, packed and shipped in accordance to EarthFresh’s sustainable best practices. EarthFresh products are healthy, fresh, rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants and of course delicious! The company is fully transparent in its conduct of business and cultivates a culture of environmental and social integrity


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