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Conestoga Meat Packers, a meat processor that specializes in premium pork products, engaged Provision, a food industry advisory service, to reduce food loss and waste at its production facility in Breslau, Ontario.

Provision’s partner, Enviro-Stewards, conducted an on-site waste assessment utilizing Provision’s award-winning Food Loss + Waste Toolkit, based on Enviro-Stewards’ approach, and quantified three opportunities for food waste prevention.

By implementing the recommendations, Conestoga Meat Packers has the potential to realize the following annual savings:

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Food Loss + Waste Reduction Opportunities

Opportunity 1 | $57,719 Savings of Pork

IQF Plastic Wrapped Loin and Japanese Meats

Cover the flat edge, adjust position of catch tray and improve package recovery from bottom of the bin at the IQF plastic wrapped loin and Japanese meats line.

Opportunity 2 | $35,780 Savings of Pork

Reduce End-Cut Losses on the Loin Line

Cover the gap where product is falling away more effectively and install a conveyor scraper on the loin line.

Opportunity 3 | $31,821 Savings of Pork

Reduce end-cut Losses on the Butt Line

Cover the gap where product is falling away more effectively and install a conveyor scraper on both the loin and butt line.


Canada’s Food Waste ProblemIn Canada, 43% of avoidable food waste occurs in processing and manufacturing, presenting enormous opportunity for manufacturers to take action to positively impact the environment—and their bottom line. Avoidable waste costs approximately $49.5 billion each year, reduces the supply of food available to eat and contributes to climate change through methane emissions in landfill.

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