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By Provision Coalition

A sustainability leader in the craft beer market, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, was looking for new ways to integrate sustainability into the brewery’s business practices. Familyrun, with 125 employees and growing, Beau’s annually produces 3.5 million litres of organic, award-winning beer, which is available in restaurants and retail outlets across Ontario.

Beau’s enthusiastically agreed to be one of the four companies participating in an exciting pilot project: giving Provision Coalition’s Online Sustainability Portal a “real world” test at their manufacturing facilities.

Provision’s Online Sustainability Management System (SMS) offers leading edge, web-based sustainability benchmarking tools and resources such as self-assessments, key performance indicator (KPI) scorecards and extensive consultant/vendor and funding databases – all designed to help food and beverage manufacturers assess, monitor and improve their sustainability performance.

NSF-GFTC, a global leader in food safety, training, quality and technical solutions, provided facilitation and coaching throughout the pilot process.


  • Switching to a pin-point carbonator, versus conventional carb stone carbonation, delivered a 20% increase in efficiency. Provision’s online tools identified room for improvement and Beau’s feels further optimization could deliver an additional 5% within the next year
  • A comprehensive five-year roadmap for the continued integration of sustainability practices into the brewery’s operations and culture.
  • New opportunities for improving energy, water, wastewater and solid waste management were identified. 
  • Became first brewery in Canada recognized by B Lab as a Certified Benefit Corporation, a for-profit business that meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Provision’s Online Sustainability Portal played a key role in helping Beau’s achieve this coveted certification by providing an accurate assessment of the brewery’s sustainability status and identifying areas for improvement.


 “Using Provision’s KPI Scorecard, we found that the energy and GHG emissions per 1,000 litres of beer produced was down 50% from 2009,” says Thaila Riden, Beau’s Organics Compliance Officer. 


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