7 of the Best Free Online Calculators for Food Manufacturers

By Provision Coalition

Sometimes as a small business you need help answering complex questions but don't have the resources to invest in expert advice. Don't fret! There are online calculators to tackle everything from energy reduction, food waste, business planning and everything in between.

Here are 8 of the best free online calculators for food and beverage manufacturers.

Sustainability Calculators

Facility Self-Assessment

By: Provision Coalition 

This online tool is a robust questionnaire used to evaluate a food and beverage manufacturer's performance against a wide array of sustainability metrics. After answering the questions the tool calculates your facilities sustainability score and ranks you against other food and beverage manufacturers in Canada. 

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Sustainability Advantage Dashboard

By: Sustainability Advantage

This tool can be used to estimate the potential bottom-line benefits from implementing sustainability projects. Using the the simple slider function you can easily adjust your potential improvements to calculate bottom line impact.

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Paper Impact Calculator

By: Environmental Paper

This handy paper calculator helps businesses to calculate the environmental impacts of their paper usage. You can compare the impacts of different papers and varying amounts of recycled content to help reduce your businesses environmental footprint.

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Operations Calculators

Energy Savings Calculator

By: Government of Canada

The ENERGY STAR Simple Savings Calculator will show you how much money you can save and the environmental benefits of buying ENERGY STAR certified products. The calculator can compare this information on up to three models of a single type of product and includes:

  • annual operating costs
  • lifecycle costs
  • payback periods
  • total energy savings
  • total cost savings

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Food Waste Measurement & Reduction

By: Provision Coalition 

This comprehensive tool and calculator explores the environmental and social impacts of wasted food by identifying the root cause and cost effective reduction strategies. The tool can not only calculate the environmental, social and economic value of your facilities food waste but it can help you to prioritize reduction projects by calculating your Return on Investment of each project.

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Business Calculators

Cost of Goods Sold

By: Food Biz Start-up

This calculator helps food manufacturers understand their Cost of Goods Sold. The FoodBizStartup COGS Calculator helps with the "what if" questions when choosing among alternative ingredients, labour, and packaging options.

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Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price

By: Food Biz Start-up

This FoodBizStartup Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (or MSRP) Calculator helps food and beverage manufacturers determine pricing based on targeted margins for each of the players in the distribution chain.

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